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FAS Testimonials

"Jim has been my accountant since I started my company over 10 years ago. He is extremely knowledgeable in his field. I will say it’s great as I get to concentrate on my business and he gets to worry about the books."

Chris R Vassas Owner Chris R Vassas and America On The Go Charter Bus Company December 21, 2015

"Jim is of the highest integrity, is trustworthy, knowledgeable, thoughtful and highly skilled. He is a pleasure to work with and I would recommend his services for anyone in need of forensic accounting, tax preparation, bookkeeping, payroll, court witness or general financial advice."

-Cynthia Cintron – Founder/Owner of Cordis Publishing, Inc., Brand Optimization, Custom Publishing, SEO, Blog, Marketing Consultant December 21, 2015

"James is my appointee to the Brevard County Schools Audit Committee. This is a volunteer position that requires a lot of reading and analysis. James is a tremendous asset to this committee and as an advisor to myself. I highly recommend James if you truly want something analyzed correctly."

Andy Ziegler – Brevard County School Board, Account Manager at ArtemisIT December 21, 2015

  If you can not handle the truth, then Forensic Accounting Specialists is not the company for you! Be forewarned though, karma has a way of moving full circle. It's the little white lies and exagerations that will catch up to you. When they do, you will need a qualified professional like Jim Milucky to set your records straight!

Bill Santore Independent Agent and Insurance Broker James J. Milucky, MAc CrFA CFE CPA January 3, 2016

I've known Jim for over 7 years. His knowledge and work ethics are of the highest standards. I have worked with major CPA firms in my career and the quality of work that Jim produces far outshadows anything from the large companies. Jim's integrity and personality make it a pleasure to work with him. Given the opportunity I would bring Jim on to work with me anytime.

Art Comito Director Operational Finance - District 3 James J. Milucky, MAc CrFA CFE CPA January 3, 2016

  James is the best - he listens, delivers sound advice and careful planning, and is always on top of the numbers. He and his backup team have supported our growth and are always available! Go Go Go

Jeffrey Goodman Management Consultant James J. Milucky, MAc CrFA CFE CPA January 3, 2016

"Jim has a wonderful personality and sense of humor so he is terrific to work with in stressful situations. He is particularly well known for his forensic accounting and auditing work in the legal community and is often brought in to assist in divorce and other litigation matters. He and his wife, Leeanne, are beloved by their clients for their personalized and attentive service. If I were to need an accountant in a divorce matter, he would be my first call."    

Brooke Deratany Goldfarb, Attorney - Harvard JD, President - Peaceful Beach *Mediation *Arbitration *Divorce Facilitation *Parenting Coordination *Child Advocacy Forensic Accounting Services, Inc - JAMES J. MILUCKY, MAc CrFA CFE CPA January 5, 2016

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I love them! Wouldn't even think about using a different accountant.

Teri Hulse Retired, TD Bank and Bank of America James J Milucky, CPA January 7, 2016

Excellent accounting firm with a track record of success, and fantastic customer service. Highly recommend.

Dr. Alan Durkin, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, OceanDrive Plastic Surgery Vero Beach, FL January 7, 2016

Jim,  I wanted to let you know the _(private)_case had settled at mediation and I wanted to thank you for the work on inventory valuation that you did that helped us resolve that case on favorable terms. Thanks in part to your work; we were able to get another $265K in new insurance money to help compensate the client for his loss of inventory. 

Greg Hansen, Attorney Frese Hansen Anderson, Anderson, Heuston & Whitehead, P.A Melbourne FL March 9, 2016

Jim, The judge granted the receivership for all three corporations. Thank you very much for your work. You testimony was clutch.    

Jeff DeRosier, Attorney Melbourne FL Attorney March 9, 2016

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