Dec 20

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Forensic Accounting Services

James Milucky, CPA

The major service areas covered by forensic accounting are litigation support, fraud investigation, bankruptcy services and business valuations. It is anticipated that expert witness and testimony is a by-product of these services.

Included in the above categories are contract disputes, construction claims, business interruption losses and antitrust issues. Additional engagements include fidelity bond claims, intellectual property theft and valuation, partnership disputes, personal injury, wrongful death and wrongful termination matters.

In each of these types of engagements, we may be asked to prove, disprove, evaluate or calculate damages and/or losses. In addition to general accounting services, Forensic Accounting Services offers forensic services, fraud investigation and litigation support, to include the following;


  • Coordinate investigation procedures
  • Conduct interviews
  • Review financial documents
  • Verification of assets
  • Maintain chain of evidence
  • Prepare requests for production
  • Specify additional investigative procedures
  • Conduct background checks
  • Identify and locate assets
  • Draft reports of findings
  • Provide expert testimony


  • Manage debtors operations
  • Prepare financial or liquidation analysis
  • Investigate preferential or fraudulent transfers
  • Prepare financial statements
  • Develop and implement reorganization plans
  • Collect receivables and pay creditors


  • Review agreements and operating statements
  • Evaluate performance and compliance
  • Prepare use of funds statements
  • Provide summary of findings report


  • Analyze discovery information
  • Identify additional required documents
  • Evaluate financial aspects of issues
  • Prepare analytical models and trial aids
  • Prepare and/or review financial statements
  • Prepare damage calculations
  • Analyze opposing damage calculations
  • Draft deposition questions
  • Assist and attend depositions
  • Form expert opinions and draft reports
  • Provide expert testimony


  • Review construction loan documents
  • Review budgets and support documents
  • Prepare use of funds statements
  • Evaluate budgets to performance
  • Provide summary of findings report


  • Inspect control procedures and documents
  • Interview employees
  • Evaluate controls and identify weaknesses
  • Prepare written assessment reports
  • Present improvement guidelines

Whether you need financial investigation due to suspected fraud, the tracing of preferential transfers prior to a bankruptcy, the calculation of damages or it just doesn’t pass the “smell test”, Forensic Accounting Services is the solution.

Our associates have extensive experience in financial matters, fraud investigations and legal disputes, providing the additional forensic support to help resolve your outstanding issues.

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