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How to Hire a CPA – Forensic Accounting Services – FAS

Hire a CPA ? Forensic Accounting Services

Wants to Be On Your Team!

Hire CPA Forensic Accounting Services

Hiring a CPA is an important decision. Forensic Accounting Services wants the opportunity to earn your business.

Let the professionals at FAS remove the financial stress of dealing with the IRS, unpaid bills, tax implications, mistakes, and every other reason why every time you hear the name Internal Revenue Service, you cringe.

If you have questions, we have answers!

CPAs are business partners; we help you define your business, show you how to be financially responsible in your business, and teach you how to keep and reinvest revenue.

By the way, we consider your FAMILY, your business as well. We can help you with budgets and identify where you can increase your revenue and decrease your expenses.

You may have questions about who to hire – a CPA, an EA, or a Bookkeeper. What does it all mean? 

From an article in ValueYourMoney.org (online) written by an unnamed contributor from Texas Society of Public Certified Public Accountants, gives a few explanations.

Why do you need a CPA? 

Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) act as advisers to individuals, businesses, financial institutions, nonprofit organizations and government agencies on a wide range of financial matters. Today, many individuals and businesses turn to CPAs for help with tax preparation, personal financial planning, auditing services, and advice on developing effective accounting systems.

James J Milucky, MAc CrFA CFE CPA (read Resume)  has achieved multiple degrees and certifications to add quality and value to his practice. He is a business owner, owns property, has run for public office, and plays music.  You want Jim on your team when you are deciding on your financial health.  FAS services include tax preparation, bookkeeping services, audits, legal representation, business plans and strategy, and guidance/counseling.  Make an Appointment today!

What can a CPA do for you?

CPAs are  are business and financial strategists who help chart the paths of businesses and individuals. Individuals turn to their CPAs for tax and financial planning services, investment advice, estate planning, and more.

Businesses are tapping CPAs to not only manage finances and taxes, but also to determine profitable new product lines, help diversify investments, and provide a variety of other consulting and business services.

CPA vs. non-CPA

Many people do not know how a CPA is different from a bookkeeper or tax preparer. The CPA designation is one of the most widely recognized and highly trusted professional designations in the business world. CPAs are distinguished from other finance professionals by stringent qualification and licensing requirements.


Before you select a CPA, make sure you consider the following questions:

  • Does the individual hold an active CPA license? YES!  James J Milucky, MAc CrFA CFE CPA, Forensic Accounting Services
  • Are your needs compatible with the CPA’s personality and communication style?  Make An Appointment and Check us Out!
  • Does the CPA have the experience you need?  Ask the Questions. If you need answers- we are sure we have the experience. The FIRST HAND experience. Read James J Milucky Resume.

We are in the Long Term Relationship business. We want to be your trusted adviser on major business and financial decisions and transactions.  Think about the services you will need not just today but further down the road.

Who should you hire? A CPA, a bookkeeper, an Enrolled Agent? If you want a CFO for life; interview the professionals at Forensic Accounting Services in Brevard County FL. We are certified to practice in 3 states, and I know you will want us on your team.  Make an Appointment Today!

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