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Mar 14

Using Public Wi-Fi is Like Posting on a Billboard

If you’re emailing over a public Wi-Fi network, you should see it no differently than broadcasting everything onto a billboard in Times Square, experts say. People are often fooled into using fake Wi-Fi hot spots, which hackers use to steal passwords and access private information. Feb 25 2016 – Elizabeth Weise USA Today, SAN FRANCISCO—Public …

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Dec 23

Why A Forensic Accountant Belongs On Your Divorce Team

Divorce, boiled down to its most basic elements, is about dividing marital assets and debts. In some cases, the process is relatively simple: house, cars, bank accounts, credit card bills. Furniture and other belongings might go to one spouse or the other without much contention, based on who owned it before the marriage, or who …

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Dec 21

How to Prepare Your Business for Tax Season | Melinda Emerson

Get Prepared for Business Tax Time – Stay Prepared All Year! There are so many ways that you can get yourself organized with your business taxes. We want to help you relieve some stress. Jim Milucky, CPA may roll his eyes if you are not prepared, but only because he knows how he can help …

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Dec 21

Americans: Pay Your Taxes–Or Lose Your Passport

Are you a US citizen? Was your passport denied or revoked? This may be why …. Congress is poised to enact a law denying or revoking passports for U.S. citizens who haven’t paid their taxes. Under a new law expected to take effect in January, the State Department will block Americans with “seriously delinquent” tax debt …

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Dec 21

IRS 2015 Forms for Tax Time!

Top IRS Forms are here for you to download. If you have any questions, please contact the experts at Forensic Accounting Services, Inc. We can help you fill them out, answer questions for you (with an appointment), and make sure that you are getting the maximum deductions you are allowed. So many changes have happened …

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